Whoop Wars Battle Ground Denver Solo Race Digital Ticket - April 23-24 2022
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Whoop Wars Battle Ground Denver Solo Race Digital Ticket - April 23-24 2022


April 23rd-24th Saturday and Sunday 2022

$60 for Individual Racing - up to 64 pilots.

This will consist of Solo 64 pilots.

Tickets will be available online on www.fullsendfpv.com

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This will be the 2nd largest Whoop event of the year so far.  In addition to fun whoop racing at Full Send we have many excursions planned! There will be a freestyle location near the event and we will have a location in south Denver to rip some buildings. At the event, there will be food, games and the rest that Colorado has to offer.

Whoop Requirements:

- 65mm Max Frame Size, 31mm max props

- Full Ducting Required

- 1s Max Lipo Size

- Brushed and Brushless Motors Allowed

- 25mW Only

(There will be tech inspection before each race) 

Important rules to note:

- No track marshal's

- No foot traffic on the track during a race heat

- If you crash out you must wait until your heat is done to recover your whoop to ensure the track is open for those still flying

- Drones can and will be randomly inspected and if found to be different from tech check-in, penalties and/or disqualification can occur. 

Event sponsors:

- Full Send FPV


- WeBleedFPV


- BetaFPV


- TinyWhoop


More to come


Interested in sponsoring Whoop Wars Battleground Denver 2022? Please contact Dave Eilrich directly!

Individual Racing Explained for Whoop Wars Battleground Denver 2022!!!

When everything kicks off at 8am on Saturday April 23rd, I want you all to have a clear understanding of what to expect! Please see the schedule document for exact times and check which group you are assigned. 

Inside your 2.5 allotted hours for racing, all 16 pilots will get 2 practice rounds on the track to ensure we all know the track and are flying it correctly. After the 2 rounds of practice we will move to qualifying where each pilot will have 5 qualifying runs! There will be 2 minutes on the clock for qualifying rounds where you will do AS MANY laps as you possibly can and when the timer goes off you want to finish the lap you are on with a max total time of 3 minutes. If the 2nd timer goes off at 3 minutes and you are still flying, you will not receive credit for that lap and will be expected to land. 

We will be taking each pilot's best 3 consecutive laps as your time to seed you! 1st through 16th place seeds will be in Elite Class, 17th through 32nd place seeds will be in Pro Class, 33rd through 48th place seeds will be in Semi Pro Class, and 49th through 64th place seeds will be in Advanced Class.

Once qualifying rounds are completed we will then head into double loss elimination brackets on day 2 for all classes starting with Beginners first. During double loss elimination brackets each class will be required to do 3-6 laps depending on class. Good odds enthusiasts class will do 3 laps in elimination rounds, advanced and pro class will be doing 4 laps in elimination rounds, and elite class will be doing 6 laps in elimination rounds. If you are first or second place in elimination rounds you will NOT take a strike as a loss but if you are third or fourth place in any given elimination round you will be granted a strike. 2 strikes and you’re out!

Once that works down to the last 4 pilots we will then run chase the ace. Which means the first pilot to win twice takes the overall win! Even if you are not first be sure to finish your laps to ensure proper placements for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place! Iron man rule will be in place, but you must place only 1st in the proceeding heats. 


1st place - up to $TBD cash + Trophy + Prizes

2nd place - up to $TBD cash + Trophy + Prizes

3rd place - up to $TBD cash + Trophy + Prizes

The awesome thing about prizes is they are spread between all 4 classes but a higher dollar amount will go to higher classes to dissuade sandbagging.  You don’t have to be the fastest to win, you just have to be the fastest in your class 🙂 which in return gives EVERYONE a chance at taking home some cash and prizes!

Digital Version of the track:

We will be creating a TinyWhoop GO version of the track and will be released 1 month in advance of the event.

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