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Simba Lighting LED A15 4W 40W Equivalent Small Bulbs 120V E26 Base 5000K Daylight 6-Pack

Simba Lighting LED A15 4W 40W Equivalent Small Bulbs 120V E26 Base 5000K Daylight 6-Pack

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The Simba Lighting high output A15 / A50 compact light bulb is often used for small household appliances such as fridges . freezers . ceiling fans . bathroom vanity . desk . and floor lamps. Equipped with high quality LEDs . this light bulb provides a wide 240 degree beam angle.

This LED light bulb takes 4W . yet giving 400 lumens of light . which is equivalent to 40W of incandescent light output. Thats 90% power savings! Assuming an average of 3 hours of daily operation and an average cost of 11 cents per kW . the yearly energy cost is reduced from $4.8 to only $0.5!

Seller 2 year warranty: Just send us a message if the product malfunctions before 2 years after the purchase date.

Important Facts on Shopping for LED Light Bulbs:
When shopping for light bulbs . please DO NOT go by the listing photos . as the photos cannot give you an accurate match. Instead . please verify the light bulb dimensions . shape code . base . voltage . and wattage all match the type you are replacing. Please also DO NOT go by the applications listed in the listing. There are many variations of light bulbs used for the same application. So . please make sure to make the right match prior to order.

If the light flickers . that is a sign of LED incompatibility. To resolve this . try to use 1-2 incandescent light bulbs in the same fixture to help stabilize the circuit . as the LEDs consume too little wattage for the system to work properly.

Please be advised in general LED light bulbs are not designed to be left on all night long every day. Extended hours of use every day will dramatically shorten the lifespan of most LED light bulbs due to overheating the LED chips.

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