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Great Value Low-Splash Bleach, Lavender, 81 fl oz

Great Value Low-Splash Bleach, Lavender, 81 fl oz

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This bottle is a great first step in achieving a cleaner . fresher household. Our all-in-one more concentrated . fresh . lavender-scented bleach whitens and brightens clothing . maintains already white and bright clothes . and even deodorizes them all while delivering a low-splash quality in every easy pour. Designed to work with most standard HE washers . you'll find convenience as the bleach fights against those tough-to-remove stains. It's also effective for cleaning common household surfaces such as bathrooms . kitchen surfaces . dishes . and sinks as well as cleaning and deodorizing pre-cleaned toilet bowls. Leave your home looking clean and smelling fresh with our Great Value Lavender Low-Splash Bleach.

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