Diatone MAMBA F722 MINI MK2 Mini DJI F35 3-6S Flight Controller Stack
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Diatone MAMBA F722 MINI MK2 Mini DJI F35 3-6S Flight Controller Stack


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Firmware Target : Mamba F405US 

The Stack can fit both M2/M3 Mounting hole Framekit (Adaptor inside)


FC Specifications

IMU: MPU6000
Baro: No
Uarts: 6Set
ESC Soft: Dshot300/600/
LED: Blue&Orange for FC Status,, White 5V, Red 3.3V

WS2812 LED Control: BF LED Control
Smart audio: Yes

Input: 2~6S Lipo (8.4~25V)
VTS Protection: Yes

UARTS:6 Ports
BEC: 5V 2A&9V 1.5A  

FC Firmware
Target: MAMBA F405US

Mounting: 20×20mm,Φ2
Dimensions: 30×36.5×13.5mm
Weight: 3.9g

Mamba F35 35A ESC
Item name:  Mamba F35HV ESC 
Input voltage:  3-6S LIPO (12.5- 25V)
Burst Curr  :200A   
BEC:  NO                 
Mounting Size: 20×20mm,⌀ 2                        
Mounting Hole: M2              
Weight: 7g

Package Included:
1 x Mamba F405 Mini DJI Betaflight Flight Controller
1 x Mamba F35 35A 6SHV ESC 

MAMBA STACK F405US MK3 Mini F35 3-6S

MAMBA STACK F405US MK3 Mini F35 3-6S

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