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Comfy Package 8.5” Disposable Jumbo Straws Drinking Plastic Smoothie Straw, 100-Pack

Comfy Package 8.5” Disposable Jumbo Straws Drinking Plastic Smoothie Straw, 100-Pack

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Say goodbye to the frustration of using thin . flimsy straws!

Our jumbo plastic straws are designed with the perfect diameter and length to ensure a smooth and effortless drinking experience for all of your favorite iced and frozen drinks. These boba straws are not only great for personal use but also for parties and events.

With a 10-mm diameter . these jumbo straws can handle even the thickest of smoothies without any risk of bending or collapsing. And at 8.5” tall . these straws drinking plastic are long enough to fit tall cups and tumblers. Plus . with six fun and vibrant colors included in each pack . these smoothie straws are sure to add a splash of color to any occasion.

Enjoy all your favorite drinks with the Comfy Package Disposable Jumbo Plastic Straws!

No more worrying about sharp edges or plastic debris because these drinking straws are made from durable . BPA-free plastic that is completely safe for you and your family to use. They come in a convenient 100-count pack so you'll have plenty of jumbo straws for any event.

These milkshake straws are great for restaurants . cafes . and other food service establishments. The jumbo size of this plastic straw is ideal for thicker beverages . making it easy for your customers to enjoy their drinks without any hassle.

And because they are disposable . you can simply toss the smoothie straw out after use. Whether you're hosting a party . serving customers . or enjoying a smoothie or boba at home . these jumbo straws disposable are the perfect solution for all your drinking needs!

Make your day or party brighter and extra colorful. Add the Comfy Package Disposable Jumbo Plastic Straws to your cart today!

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