FullSendFpv in-house labor rates
(these rates are subject to modification as needed by fullsendfpv)

Flat rate $45 a hour

vtx install $15
vtx install smart audio $20

whoop fc install with smart audio $30
whoop fc install no smart audio $25

motor install $10
full set motor install $30
Case by Case basis if motor install requires the stack to be taken apart to run wires etc(will most likely more expensive simply due to shop time increase)

stack install $40
stack install with extra programming $55

quad build basic $100("get me in the air" wires soldered,build assembled and powered up)

quad build extra $150("lets go rip" (all basic assembly items plus binding,wire tuck and tape,betaflight setup as needed including firmware updates etc, items added to this build like race wire and leds are installed with no extra cost)

quad build premium $200("oh dang that's pretty" everything in the extra build plus a personal session for getting your quads rates and pids smooth and adjusted for you as well you get up to 5 basic prints in your color choice for your quad (tuning disclaimer, some combinations of parts are just not suited well together....fullsendfpv will do our best to get your craft setup for you as well as we can, results can vary)

rx install $10
xf rx install $15
soldering misc {billed in 15m increments} $10e

Situations like Conformal coating,special circumstances,custom builds involving special 3d prints etc will be billed on a case by case basis

Custom prints w/stl provided

small $5
medium $15
large $25

prints by design are billed on a case by case basis (minimum charge is $20)